︎︎︎ to You

A story of unspoken words

action for video 2022

"Where of one can not speak, there of one must be silent.”

L. Witggenstain

I speak I speak I spoke I said, I was silent. Silence

The need for the other, the need to move towards you, to speak to you, to tell you, to listen to me. Listen to me!

We are talking about nothing, Beckett wrote. But  we speak or at least  we try to speak, to say, to listen, to go to the Other.

People-islands, encircled, enclosed, but also suffering, I want to talk to you I want to hear you, finally I want to see you and above all I want you to see me, see me, look at me, listen to me, I am here in front of you, I sacrifice - I am sacrificing for a moment, this moment that you and I are present, that pulsates, that is understood, that has a moment of union, a borderline moment of common perception of this incomprehensible that surrounds us, a common gaze at the forefront of the world.

To You -  a story of unspoken words is an action for video that explores communication and the contemporary and eternal difficulties on this issue.

Words no longer seem to be enough, communication as a difficulty, in a world that is advancing with people-islands.

So many people so many words so much silence.

Consept: Eugenia Grammenou
Performers: Eugenia Grammenou, Eno Athanasiadou
Music: Nilos Karagiannis, Dalot
Editing: Silia Papalabrou
Production by: Giannis Zahariadis
Translation: Dwein Farmery
Camera: Silia Papalabrou, Eno Athanasiadou, Maria Xinopoulou

It was presented at Pausa Performance Art USA, April 2022, Bronx River Art Center New York, USA.