homeland I

Eugenia Grammenou 2021

According to Roland Barthes, one’s homeland is one’s childhood taking us where memories have formed our first homeland, the primordial and decisive one. Homeland I, is a video about the sense of that place. What is it exactly? Each person is formed through childhood memories and recalling these memories, one performs a peculiar patriotic recognition of the first and fundamental homeland of their existence.

With out liking at all narrow categorizations like video poetry, poem film/video, experimental etc because I believe that they can’t describe the hugeness of an art work, I think that Homeland I is an art work- inquiry about homeland. It walks on the sensitive line that connect memory and identity, then and now.

Trailer Homeland I

Duration 5:47΄΄

Concept and Direction
Eugenia Grammenou

Poetry/Narrative text
Georgia  Diakou

Eugenia Grammenou

Agamemnon Nakos

Eno Athanasiadou

Song at the ending
The Boy (Alexandros Voylgaris) - Dagomatia
Inner Ear Records

Eugenia Grammenou

Production manager
Kalliopi Georgaroudi

Eno Athanasiadou
Kalliopi Georgaroudi
Eugenia Grammenou
Despina Chrisidou

Rania Emmanouilidou

Editing Translation
Efi Antoniou
Katherine Mac Daniel

Eno Athnasiadou
Niki Boudoudi
Estella Papadaki
Christina Plousiou
Eugenia Grammenou

Special thanks to
Alexandros Voulgaris
Elsa Iatrou
Lia  Phsoma
Ira Spagandorou
Dimitris Theoharidis