What about this city 

The city as theorem of existence

What is the heart of a town? The soul of a town? Why is a town said to be, beautiful, or said to be ugly? What is beautiful and what is ugly in a town?

Georges Perec,

Species of Spaces and Other Pieces, p.61, transl.John Sturrock, Penguin Classics, 1988

Living in Athens for the past year while coming from Thessaloniki, it feels like I am stuck in a curious space in between. Sometimes it feels unfamiliar when trying to perceive the cthe two cities and myself in in them. It almost feels like I don’t belong in any of them, or maybe I belong to both cities. 

Work in progress 1
I began sending letters to my old address in Thessaloniki, as a resident of Athens, writing about bits and pieces of my life there and vice versa. It felt like a game of table tennis, an exchange of letters that could capture the moments, the everyday errands, feelings and thoughts of a life in one city. Bits and pieces of my life in between two cities. 

Work in progress 2
I kept running into other women that also lived in between these cities and they would talk to me about their own perspective.

What about this city is a project that focuses on the understanding of urban spaces as imagined and lived experience. The representation of these spaces is perceived through a collective monitoring of the urban environment, yet projected through personal lenses.

Video 2021 Duration: 13:30  


It was presented at Tales of X-cities, Goethe - Institute Thessaloniki and ArtBOX, curated by C. Savidis, S. Bahtzetzis, L. Hatziakovou

Concept: Eugenia Grammenou

Directed by: Eugenia Grammenou

Music: Dalot

Ending song: Thodoris Cortes

Translation: Dora Phsoma


Eno Athanasiadou

Dimitris Panagou

Eugenia Grammenou

With the participation of:

Mary Adreou

Fenia Apostolou

Eleftheria Giouvanaki

Sia zourladani

Katerina Iliopoulou

Evi Karkiti

Marina Konstantinidou


Konstantina Stathoulopoulou

Dorota Wolczek

Voice over:

Eno Athanasiadou

Pola Georgiadou

Eugenia Grammenou

Olia Panidou

Elina Tsiorbatzi