Some ways to protect yourself from the Sun

Performative action 2022

On the occasion of a woman's suicide 101 years ago, the performative  action “Some ways to protect yourself from the Sun” investigates suicide, self-immolation and its relationship with history. Action as a landscape of the unspoken, of the tragic human journey over time. The silent adventure of human existence, the crushing of the humble stories of lonely people in the maelstrom of historical events.

Text: Eugenia Grammenou Georgia Diakou
Directed by: Eugenia Grammenou
Second director: Georgia Diakou
Performers: Nantina Katsanoula, Ana Dana, Michael Pinos
Music: Thodoris Cortes

It was presented at:
Sozopolis/Academia Romantica, Athens, May 2022
To Pikap Kato, Thessaloniki, June 2022
Islahane Cultural Organization, Thessaloniki, June 2022