Poemokracy 2088 / Constitution 
Public Reading

Poetic Performance

“We have dared to imagine a state that will prevail in the future and will have poetry and art as its basis. This state is called Poemokracy.”

It is a poetic performance directed by Eugenia Grammenou, based on an idea by the poet Samson Rakas, in the context of the year "Poemokratia 2088" declared by the Romantic University of Athens.

A public reading of Poemokracy’s  utopian constitution.

The performance team consists of poets, actors, musicians, artists and researchers. People who bring their personal sound to a public space. Together they co-sign a utopian social contract.

March 2022 Sozopolis Athens

Samson Rakas / Eugenia Grammenou

Directed by
Eugenia Grammenou

Katerina Kataki

Romantic University of Athens
Kimon Theodorou

Eno Athanasiadou, Dimitris Ameladiotis, Lily Adraskela, Anna Garafli, Nikolas Gogos, Eugenia Grammenou, Ioannis Theodosiou, Katerina Kataki, Ilias Kolokouris, Dora Bambali, Anastasios Tsakaliadis-Sotirakoglou

Konstantinos Kolatsos

Music at teaser