I no longer believe in the wonderful
Action for two voices, two bodies and one microphone.

Many of us have been or are victims of gender-based violence. This phenomenon knows no social, economical or national boundaries. Worldwide, it is estimated that one in three women/femininities will experience physical, emotional or sexual abuse in their lifetime. My generation was very oppressed. The situation is not much better today, the fight continuous. Significantly victims of gender-based violence remain silent and guiltiness.

This action took its title from a phrase that Nora says at “The Dollhouse” of Ibsen.”I no longer believe in the wonderful” she says. 

A woman who, from her father's hands as a doll, passed into her husband's hands without any breath of freedom and self-worth. 

A path of toasts.
Can you walk on it without breaking them ?
If they break what will happen?
A microphone magnifies every break every crack

Action for two voices, two bodies and one microphon

This work presented in collaboration with Eno Athanasiadou, as live action  at IMAF 2022 International Multimedia Art Festival at Suluv gallery, Novi Sad Serbia.