Free Hugs II

Action for video or a canceled performance

At 2009 Free hugs I was a performance that negotiated human contact hug physicality.
    At 12 of March 2020 I was at Thessaloniki. That day was pressed the bottom of pause in my life but in thelife of all the others.The city waslike a set of Netflix dystopic series. It was difficult for everyone to understand the unthinkable the unexpected the macabre the grotesque.
    The treat of convid-19 and confinement caused many effects. The touch, the contact, the hug were demonized like something dangerous an d infectious. Free Hugs II is an action for camera a comment in the new reality. A happening for free hugs at corona virus days is ironic for the future of human species. The cancellation of  touch, of communicate, of body at last is the main point of the new reality.
    Τhere is a need of a new negotiation of distance, isolation, alienation. Must we redefine the existence, entity, relationships with others?
Free Hugs II is a canceled performance for video at the days that human contact canceled at body dimension.

Have you paid the price?
Did you fast forty days of light?
Did you fast of life?
And death?
The sanctuary was humanized
It asks for sacrifices blood and wastewater
Have you paid the price?
In a frozen spring
Omnipresent in the absentia of us
Have you paid the price?
Not enough yet
A drop of blood ultramarine
A bit of breath in the muddy waters
Clenched teeth crumble
Have you paid the price?
In the way of a cancelation

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